Going into Surgery Prayer

Sometimes surgery is part of the healing process, so let the healing begin.

Surgery -even with modern technology- is a reminder that we cannot control everything in our lives. But it also reminds us that we know who does control all things. 

This is the God who loves us so much that he gave his only Son for us. 

And his Son –Jesus Christ gave his body to be broken to heal all our diseases. Then how should we pray a Going into Surgery Prayer?

The saints of the Bible encountered plenty of things they couldn’t control. The Lord gave them prayers that we can learn from. 

Those prayers are recorded in the Holy Bible. Let’s pray.

How Do You Pray for Someone Going into Surgery?

Here is a prayer for someone going into surgery that is built on prayers and scriptures straight from the bible.

Father, I thank you because you are the Almighty, the God of all flesh, with whom there is no impossibility.

Father, thank you for the life you gave my loved one. Thank you for the healing stripes you received for their sake.  

Deliver my loved one from every presumptuous sin and let the blood of Jesus cleanse them from all sins.

Grant my loved one to stand strong as he/she goes through this surgery. Let him/her fear not nor be dismayed, and uphold him/her with your righteous right hand.

As your son/daughter is going for this surgery, let the heavens open, and let your mercy reign over judgment in every way over my beloved.

I rebuke the illness in the body of my loved one and I command every plant that my father had not planted there to be uprooted.

If there is a spirit of infirmity afflicting my loved one I command it to come out in Jesus’s name.

I pray that everything will work together for good for my loved one as they go for this surgery.

Father protect my loved one from harm, let your angels keep watch over them. Let lines fall in pleasant places for my beloved.

Let your face shine upon my loved one before, during, and after the surgery. Make your favor to compass my precious loved one roundabout.

Make my loved one strong and courageous and let him/her know that your divine presence always abides.

Jehovah Jireh, my Provider and Sustainer of my life, please supply all the needs of my loved one and let your sufficiency be their portion.

Let my loved one acknowledge that his/her body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and that they were bought with a price. Let him/her surrender to your will.

When my loved one is afraid, strengthen him/her. Help them to put their trust in You, the Lord that heals us.

Restore the health of my loved one. Heal them Oh Lord and they shall be healed. Save them and they shall be saved. For you are our praise!

In your hand are power and might, cause this surgery to favor my loved one and make him/her to yet praise you again.

To you be glory, honor, and adoration forever and ever.

Healing is Happening
Sometimes medical technology is part of God’s plan for our healing.

How do you Pray for a Surgery Patient?

Recovering from surgery can be a long and painful journey. It takes the grace of God to go through it successfully.

The following are prayers you can pray for full recovery from surgery for your loved one.

Father, thank you for the concluded surgery. Now let the old (sickness and pain) pass away; behold, let the new (sound health) come.

Healing is the gift of God, father please supply the grace for perfect healing for my loved one.

May the Lord grant my loved one strength in inner man, spirit, soul, and let body be sanctified fully in Jesus name.

Father, grant my loved one the grace to endure the healing process to the end with peace of mind and joy of the spirit in Jesus name.

Father, you know your thoughts towards my loved one, thoughts of peace (Jehovah Shalom) not of evil. Let the expected end you ordain for him/her manifest.

Let the peace of God that surpasses human understanding be the portion of my loved one after this surgery.

-based on Philippians 4:7

I command every pain to cease and wounds to heal in Jesus name.

Let Christ the hope of glory grant the hope of full recovery to my loved one to fully recover and be permanently healed in Jesus name.

Father, please forsake not my loved one. Heal all his/her wounds and comfort him/her on all sides.

Father, it is your will that my loved ones prosper and be in health as their soul prospers. Grant my loved one a full recovery from this sickness and surgery.

Lay your hand on my loved one and perfect all that the doctors have done. Bring completeness and wholeness again.

Lord, cancel all long-term complications after the surgery. Let there be a restoration of all the years that the cankerworm, the palmerworm, locust, and caterpillar have eaten.

Afflictions will not rise again. I reject a relapse of this sickness and a redo of the surgery for my loved one.

Father let the whole experience of this surgery draw my loved one closer to you, and bring them to a place of steadfast faith in Jesus’ name.

Let the blood of Jesus flush out everything troubling the health of my loved one. 

Let the power from on high complete and perfect what the doctors have started in Jesus name.

I soak every organ, tissue, cell in the body of my loved one in the blood of Jesus.

Let the blood of redemption cleanse his/her body from anything that would come against this temple of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

Pray for Surgery Blessings

During surgeries, God can work through the medical personnel to perform His wonders. 

Because He is the only wise God, He can teach them what to do, and help them make a successful operation.

Our God trains the medical personnel to fight for the patient just as He trains a warrior:

Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;

Psalm 144:1, ESV

Doctors can make mistakes because they are human.

They can be overwhelmed by situations beyond their abilities, but there is a God in heaven who can perfect all imperfections.

You can pray the following prayer for all the medical personnel that would be involved in the surgery operation for God to use them for the healing and speedy recovery of your loved one:

Father, thank you for all the medical personnel that will be involved in the surgery of my loved one.

Grant them peace of mind, strength, and let your presence be with them throughout the process in Jesus’ name.

Give the medical team wisdom and revelation and the right understanding. Let them know what to do, and perfect their knowledge in Jesus’ name.

I ask for a calm, composed and orderly spirit among the medical team. Let the spirit of unity and love possess them. Let them cooperate and be as one during and after the surgery to the glory of God.

The Lord will go before the medical team who will handle the surgery, make all crooked paths straight and perfect all imperfections in Jesus name.

Father, give the medical team a sound mind, and unusual wisdom before and during the operation so that they will not commit an error or cause any harm to the body of my loved one.

I commit all the instruments, equipment, and machines that will be used for the operation into God’s hands.

Let them function well and work together to favor and effect the healing and full recovery of my loved one in Jesus’ name.

Father, anoint the medical team with all their equipment. Let your hand be upon them, and guide them in what they would do.

Father let every secret thing about the illness of my loved one be revealed to the medical team, together with the required solution. Let them lack nothing that they need to know and do about the operation.

Let the power of God descend into the surgery room.

Let the whole environment be covered with the glory of God, and let the angels of God assist the medical team to perfect their work.

How Do You Say a Protection Prayer?

Father God, thank you for your faithfulness and loving-kindness. Thank you for keeping your angels in charge over me and my loved ones both day and night.

You are my refuge and my fortress, my strong tower; my God in whom I trust. You deliver me and my beloved from the snare of the fowler and the deadly pestilence. 

You cover me with your feathers and you anoint my head with oil. You prepare a banquet for me in front of those who would do me harm. 

I am vindicated before them and they cannot harm me. I am constantly grateful to you. You rejoice over me with singing! And I ask the same for my beloved in surgery.

You are mighty to save!

You destroy the oppressors and restore the fortunes of the downtrodden, and you have lifted up my head and brought me out of the depths.

You O Lord are faithful and you guard me against the evil one. No weapon that is formed against me will prosper.

I know that you will not leave me or forsake me, so I remain strong, courageous, and confident. 

No tongue that rises against me will succeed. Every tongue that says evil things about me will be silenced. 

And no bad report will discourage me.

Final Thoughts

Prayer is very important during any medical operation. Because even with the best medical team, we know our ultimate healing comes from the God who made us all -whether we are surgeon or patient. 

When we pray, God can guide the whole operation with the personnel that will carry it out, so that it will be successful. 

God had promised us that He will not afflict us with any of the diseases of the Egyptians because He is the Lord that healed us. 

That promise gives assurance that if by any chance we have medical issues, the Lord is available to deliver us and restore our health.

He is Jehovah Rapha the Lord our healer.

Is your Faith Founded on Fact? Have you committed to follow Jesus?

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